About Me


Art amazes me in many different forms, including music and acting. Although I feel capable of doing all these other fascinating forms of art, what interests me the most is visual arts. I have been most interested in visual arts from a very young age because my father is a great artist and has inspired me by painting and sketching when I was little. Before I started my portfolio I had little training in visual arts but those little lessons came from my dad. My real training began when I started my portfolio when my dad showed me many techniques to draw with pencils, color pencils, and pastels. I also learned some things from my art class in school. Art is so amazing and when I heard of OCSA I was so excited and knew that I was determined to be in this school. I would love to be in OCSA so I can expand my knowledge in art and start using painting and watercolor as techniques to becoming an amazing, unique artist. My family and I feel that if I get into this school I will have many different opportunities that could lead my life for the better. I will hate to leave my friends at my school but this is a risk I am willing to take if I get into OCSA. Even if I don’t get in I’ll continue drawing, using pastels, and sketching with the guidance of my father and art teachers.