Still Life

This project, I was asked to draw 3 still life objects using pencil. I had a lot of fun learning about values and strokes to capture a 3D object on a 2D piece of paper.


Self Portrait

I drew this picture using pencils and a technique my father taught me. It was my first time I tried it and I'm really happy with how it came out. I feel like this is my breakthrough art piece.

Wood Moose - Still Life

This picture was drawn using pencil. It is a picture of a wooden moose that my dad bought so I could draw it. We thought it had a lot of interesting shapes that would make it for a fun object to draw for my portfolio.


Diver's Helmet

This is my color piece that I drew using color pencils. It was the first time I used Prisma Colors and I really liked them. It is another object we got so I could draw. I thought it looked really cool. I'm glad we got it. It was a lot of fun to draw.